We are the industry-wide, membership-based product data and image solution.

A Little About Us.

Our Mission

To advance the organic, natural and specialty products industry by enhancing the supply chain with clean, accurate, complete and independently verified product information.


We envision our industry operating with reliable product data and up-to-date images. A marketplace where our retailers and distributors are well equipped to better buy, merchandise, market and sell our products. The entire supply chain (including the consumer) will recognize the benefits created by the efficient sharing of clean, accurate and standardized product information.


IX-ONE is the natural, organic and specialty food industry’s choice for product data and images. Launched in collaboration with industry-leading retailers, distributors, brokers and associations; we combine rich packaging data and images with a robust member base to revolutionize the exchange of product information within the industry.

Working very closely with our founding and charter members, we’ve created a membership-based organization that is transforming the way we collect, verify and share product data and images.

IX-ONE founding & Charter members

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