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Welcome to the IX-ONE Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Here you will find answers to many of the most commonly asked questions. If you do not find the information you require, please feel free to contact us directly:

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  • What is the IX-ONE product data and image information exchange?

    IX-ONE is the organic, natural and specialty product industry’s choice for product data and images. We’ve partnered with the biggest names in the industry to create a standard, accurate and complete data set and a process to share it. Our founding members include: UNFI, KeHE, INFRA, SPINS, Presence Marketing, Hanson Faso, Acosta and New Hope. Working together, our mission is to advance the organic, natural and specialty food products industry by providing our members clean, accurate, complete and independently verified product information.

  • How is IX-ONE different than other companies that take product images?

    IX-ONE does much more than just take pictures. Of course, we do take very high quality, high-resolution pictures, but we also capture weight, dimensions and all of the product data available from the product label itself. We also work closely with our supplier-members to gather data not available from the product labels (i.e. tie/high, expiration date, decode instructions, etc.) and make it all available in the IX-ONE exchange. Another big difference is that our images and data are royalty free – meaning they can be used by our members as needed.

  • How is IX-ONE different from other companies that host product data?

    Instead of relying on the suppliers to provide product data and images, we capture it ourselves – and actually provide it back to the suppliers for their own use. We physically handle each item to ensure that the data provided to our members is accurate, complete and standardized. IX-ONE is the ultimate product data and product resource because we go well beyond traditional data attributes and bring all the data together in one place.

  • Do you capture images and data from the inner-packs and master cases too?

    Yes. We capture data, images, weight and dimensions from the sellable unit, the inner-pack and the master case.

  • What types of images do you provide?

    We take six cardinal images (front, back, top, bottom, left and right) of the case, inner-pack and sellable unit. In addition, we take left-oriented, right-oriented and front facing marketing images. Our images are perfect for e-commerce, planograms, sell sheets, store flyers and more.

  • Do you capture supply chain data too?

    Yes, in addition to capturing product label data, dimensions and weight, we capture supply-chain data such as container type, shelf life days at production, tie/high, product storage conditions, shipping conditions, closed date decode instructions and much more.

  • As an IX-ONE supplier-member, how do I share my item data and images?

    There are two ways your product data and images will be shared. The first is through the IX-ONE Exchange. Retailer members, your authorized brokers and distributors will automatically have access to your item data when they become members.

  • How do I contact someone at IX-ONE?

    Email us @ [email protected]
    Call us @ (904) 512-3200

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