IX-ONE is committed to complete, standardized and reliable product content.

We serve the suppliers, brokers, distributors and retailers who serve our industry.

We enhance the supply chain by providing our members clean, accurate, complete and independently verified product information. We remove cost, confusion, redundancy, mistakes and wasted time. We provide our members with the product data and images they need to better buy, merchandise, market and sell products.


Give your retailers, brokers and distributors the product data and images they need to drive sales while increasing efficiency, accuracy and usability. Save time, money and frustration by letting IX-ONE do all of the work.

  • Standardize your images and data centrally in the IX-ONE exchange
  • Ensure that your broker, distributor and retailer members always have current images and accurate data
  • Equip your trading partners to find, buy, merchandise and sell your products


Finally, clean, accurate, standardized and reliable product data and images to help you find, buy, merchandise and sell your products. Use IX-ONE data to:

  • Enhance e-commerce offerings
  • Augment point-of-sale systems
  • Drive store flyer and advertising programs
  • Improve shelf tag programs
  • Power planogram activities
  • Find items based on ingredients, nutritionals, attributes, certifications & more


Spend your time selling in case stacks, end caps and new items; not sourcing images, attributes and filling out new item forms.

  • Access the images and data for your brand’s products anytime
  • Help your retailers better promote your products
  • Streamline new item introductions


Say goodbye to dysfunctional product data and images. Embrace accurate weights, dimensions, images, attributes, certifications and logistical data.

  • Direct API access to the IX-ONE exchange ensures you always have the data and images you need, when you need them
  • Provide access to your sales, marketing, category management and supplier management teams to speed up sales, marketing and new item onboarding
  • Stop wasting time tracking down item data and images.

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