5th annual UNFI IX-ONE Charity Golf Tournament Raises $125,000

5th annual UNFI IX-ONE Charity Golf Tournament Raises $125,000

The UNFI and IX-ONE Charity Golf Tournament, held on September 12, 2016 at Ledgemont Country Club and Pawtucket Country Club in Rhode Island, raised $125,000 to benefit the UNFI Foundation.

During the past five years, the UNFI Charity Golf Tournament has raised more than $575,000 for nonprofits in Providence, providing vital funding for a variety of critical programs in the areas of family and children’s issues, as well as the UNFI Foundation.

The UNFI Foundation is a private foundation that works to promote healthy, organic food systems in the United States. The proceeds from this event will support the UNFI Foundation’s priorities:
• Increasing organic production
• Providing research and science to develop organic farming practices
• Protecting the biodiversity of our seed supply and the stewardship of genetic resources or organic seed
• Teaching organic farming practices that promote conservation of resources
• Fostering the next generation of organic farmers

Photo [from left to right]: Eric Dorne, Troy Benscoter, David Williams, Bruce Kern, Jim Liang and Stephen Spinner.

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