The Data Council (IX-ONE) & Genius Central – Partnership Announcement

The Data Council (IX-ONE) & Genius Central – Partnership Announcement

BRADENTON, FL – Genius Central Systems, Inc., a leading provider of enterprise software solutions in the natural and independent retail market, is proud to announce a partnership with The Data Council’s IX-ONE. This partnership merges vital product data with online ordering solutions to make the B2B ordering experience even more seamless and efficient.


For over 20 years, Genius Central has provided technological solutions to connect trading partners and ease the ordering process for retailers and their suppliers. Our expansive catalog database is the largest in the industry, with over 350,000 products. Through our software, retailers and suppliers alike save vast amounts of time and money, gaining efficiencies and reducing errors.


The Data Council’s IX-ONE platform, launched in collaboration with key industry leaders and association groups, couples rich packaging data and images with a member base model to revolutionize the exchange of product information and images within the industry. IX-ONE strategically complements Genius Central’s long-term mission of providing actionable intelligence for industry retailers. Their vast library of product data, paired with Genius Central’s database of catalog information, will merge to bring retailers greater insight in the ordering process. “The collaboration between our two companies creates a complete picture for retailers at the time of ordering,” said Rosanna Rice, Director of Business Development at The Data Council.


“With IX-ONE we’re able to provide more than just functional ordering data, like UPC, SKU, and price,” says Sylvie McGowan, Product Owner at Genius Central. “Now we can also provide beautiful product images and rich text data with product details like ingredients, attributes, and more. The data provided by IX-ONE will really enhance the overall ordering experience for our retailers.”

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